Tailored Language Solutions


Corporate Language Communications (CLC) offers tailor-made translation, interpreting, language and cross-cultural training solutions in ALL languages for corporate and government clients.

Our comprehensive range of professional services are delivered via a global network of language and training specialists from a variety of commercial, legal, technical and academic backgrounds to ensure high quality execution of all multilingual assignments.

The depth and breadth of our language and cultural services means we are fast, flexible and can manage all your language needs.

Call us today to discuss how we can tailor a solution specifically for you.

  • Translation-Services

    Translation Services

    When operating in foreign markets or when a language barrier separates the negotiators of a business transaction, objective, accurate translation is an essential tool in the communication process.

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  • Interpreting-Services

    Interpreting Services

    Objective and precise interpreting is vital to facilitate effective communication in international business and ensure the true message is not lost.

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  • foregin-Language-training

    Foreign Language Training

    CLC provides highly qualified language and cross-cultural trainers for individual and/or group training sessions in all languages.

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  • esl

    English as a Second Language (ESL) Training

    CLC provides language and cross-cultural training for employees and their families from non-English speaking backgrounds.

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  • cross-training

    Cross-Cultural Training

    When developing a business relationship with an international company or clientele, it is invaluable for a company to have an understanding of the culture with which it is dealing.

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  • other-languages

    Other Language Services

    Our rich in-house resources and extensive overseas network gives us the flexibility to meet a diverse variety of language needs.

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  • traduction

    Traductions Françaises

    We are unique in combining French language, translation and legal qualifications for a myriad of applications. French ↔ English legal and commercial translation services.

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  • language-services

    Language List

    As a multilingual language agency, CLC has access to a global network of over 70 languages for language, cross-cultural training, translation and interpreting purposes.

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