In early 2015 we were approached by Santa Fe Relocation to create a cross cultural training program for their staff. Santa Fe Relocation offers a global relocation service which takes care of their client’s visa and immigration requirements, international shipping and more. Santa Fe partners with Corporate Language Communications to offer language and cross cultural training to their clients, to encourage a smooth transition upon arrival in their new country.

Santa Fe identified that it would also be of value for their staff to undertake a cross cultural training program to assist with cultural understanding, and the ability to adjust behaviours and approaches in different business environments. CLC partnered with one of our highly experienced trainers, Anna Ridgway, to formulate a brand new workshop, titled ‘Overcome your cultural resistance to become more effective in international business’. This workshop provided participants with the opportunity to understand ‘global dexterity’ starting from their existing cultural awareness, but unchanged habits.

Participants’ learnings were extensive and included:

  • The meaning of cultural dexterity and key skills required to be cultural dexterous
  • How culture impacts management and communication styles
  • Understanding that everyday mannerisms and customs that might be taken for granted in Australia are not always customary in other cultures
  • The opportunity to examine Australian culture from a new perspective
  • Understanding that other cultures prioritise time and work in different ways
  • Cross cultural and language training is an essential component in providing a positive relocation experience for the employee and their family

We received tremendous positive feedback from the Santa Fe staff who attended this workshop. The workshop provided the staff with a fantastic insight into their clients’ experiences of relocating overseas, and how they can best adapt their behaviour to assist them. The staff reported that the workshop was informative, interesting, and interactive. In addition to this, the workshop also served as an opportunity for team bonding and for the staff to get to know each other better by sharing their own experiences of living and working in diverse cultures.

“It was good to obtain a feel for what our assignees experience in Australian Culture; even if they are from other western cultures it can still be difficult in adjusting. I really liked the interactive quiz and how to look at a cultural situation. Anna & Maggie were fabulous with a huge wealth of knowledge. I feel confident in recommending and upselling to include this type of program understanding the value it will bring to the employer.”

“My key takeaway from the session was that culture is a lot more broad than I realised. For example, some of the things we say and our actions could be viewed differently from other cultures. As demonstrated with the iceberg example, almost everything can be construed differently depending on where you are from and we should be conscious of this.”

We look forward to continuing to provide cross cultural, ESL and foreign language training for Santa Fe’s clients, to assist with a smooth and positive international relocation experience for employees and their families.