CLC’s Le Maître Language and Cooking School was launched in 2011 as a particularly innovative concept that combines learning language and cooking in a fun and social environment.


Housed in the glamorous La Maison de Maître building, complete with state-of-the-art technology and industrial-chic kitchen facilities, you learn to prepare simple and scrumptious recipes whilst learning basic culinary vocabulary and dining etiquette in another language.

Over the years, our classes have seen many refinements which have come largely from ideas that our participants have suggested to make them even better and more hands-on. You don’t just watch a chef do their thing, you slice and dice, steam and fry, peel onions and have a cry!

Engage your mind and palate with Le Maître Language and Cooking School.



It doesn’t matter if you are a complete novice in the language or if you are more advanced as our chefs are able to adapt their speech to all levels and conduct friendly and fun classes.

Each week you will learn cooking related vocabulary and have the opportunity to practice your newly acquired language skills.


Please email us on info@corporatelanguage.com.au with details of the class you would like to join. If you would rather have a chat, don’t hesitate to give us a call; 03 9349 4555.

We can’t wait! Can you?


I came with two friends and we really enjoyed the experience… we very much enjoyed the food, and the chef was gorgeous… absolutely knew what she was doing, and we enjoyed her wit.

– Sue

Myself and my partner thoroughly enjoyed our cooking class! Chantal was great and we loved her authentic French accent!

– Stacey

The food was fantastic and simple to prepare. Who knew French cooking was possible in that timeframe… I could not have thought of a nicer way to spend my Sunday.

– Hollie

I really enjoyed the mix of French language and French cooking. Also met some lovely people on the day… I have raved about it to my friends and colleagues.

– Laura

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience last Sunday. I was very satisfied with every detail. The meal was delicious and will keep my eyes open for future opportunities to participate. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the school to friends.

– Celia

We really enjoyed the Italian cooking class. I thought it was good value for money and we both enjoyed the meals. I would recommend the class to my friends and I am interested in attending others in the future. Not only Italian, but others as well.

– Helen

We thoroughly enjoyed our Italian cooking class with Chef Simone.

– Paul

The language input was most beneficial. We enjoyed the meals prepared and also helping to prepare them. The Italian chef, Simone, was excellent. We both thought the class tuition and presentation was very good with plenty of participation from the class. We would highly recommend the classes to all our friends.

– Linda & Alissa


To discuss or receive a quote for any of our language services, feel free to
contact us via email or phone (03 9349 4555) anytime.