In 2015 we were approached by one of our long-term clients, an international corporation, to formulate a tailored English Express language program for several business executives who were relocating to Australia for an 8 week corporate assignment.

Our English Express program focused on the skills relevant to the executives’ business and social contexts. The four language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing were covered with a focus on the executives’ targeted areas for improvement. Additionally, the executives’ awareness and understanding of cross-cultural issues was raised, with particular reference to Australian social skills and business protocols. The intensive program also incorporated a weekly educational excursion to introduce the executives to popular landmarks in their new cities, and provide the opportunity to practise newly acquired language skills outside of the corporate environment.

We welcomed employees from Japan and Thailand over a period of several months for English Express programs in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, all taught by qualified English language trainers.

Due to the success of the program and the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received, we were pleased to welcome two new executives to Australia again in 2016. Here is what one Japanese executive had to say of his experience of the program in Melbourne :

This was the first time for me to stay in a foreign country for such a long period of time. The English Express Program offered me the great opportunity to not only have everyday class room study but also to expose me to 100% English in daily life, such as conversations with Aussie colleagues, supermarket staff, coffee shop staff, restaurant staff, and by watching TV programs and reading newspapers, it gave me a lot of opportunity to improve my English. While living in Melbourne, I could truly experience and feel the different cultures.

At every class, basically I learned reading, writing, grammar, listening and speaking. Every morning the class started with the question of my teachers “what did you do yesterday?” In this way, in addition to textbook content, I could practise real everyday spoken English. The teachers really encouraged me to master everyday conversation using colloquial vocabulary and idiomatic expressions. In addition, every Friday we had an excursion to a place of interest in Melbourne.

This was a wonderful opportunity to improve my English and I have fully enjoyed Australian life and its culture.