In 2004 CLC was contacted by the Metropolitan Ambulance Service (MAS) to assist in the translation and promotion of their 4 Steps for Life program which brought an important lifesaving message to a broader section of the Australian public, namely the Greek, Italian, Chinese and Vietnamese speaking communities.

This project involved translation of the 4 Steps for Life kit, comprised of the MAS brochure, Q&A sheet, and fridge magnet, and producing voiceovers for the accompanying demonstration video.

CLC coordinated the translations and voiceovers for this kit and liaised closely with MAS to ensure quality control of all aspects of the assignment. All translations were peer tested in the appropriate communities and proofread before final publication, and careful consideration was given to matching the voiceover talent with regard to age and character of the video roles.

This project was innovative and ground-breaking in that no other ambulance service in the world has provided CPR information in a user-friendly kit translated into other languages with an accompanying video demonstration. Due to the enormous success of the program in the community, MAS received further funding to produce the material in five other languages in subsequent years.

In recognition of the success of this project, CLC in partnership with MAS proudly received Highly Commended Recognition for “Outstanding Contribution to the T & I Industry” in the end of year AUSIT Excellence Awards.

At the conclusion of the project Ambulance Victoria commented, “ Through every stage of the process it has been a delight to work with you, especially your patience and expertise with the translated versions. At all times you have been professional and very easy to work with. Thanks to you and the team for your efforts and I hope we will be working together again when we translate into 5 more languages later this year!”